Live Response API Migration

The Live Response v3 API (integrationServices/v3/cblr) will be deactivated on July 31, 2024.


This guide is to assist Carbon Black Cloud customers in migrating from the v3 Live Response API to the v6 Live Response API.

In this document, you will find

  • A mapping of deprecated v3 API endpoints to new v6 API endpoints
  • A mapping of deprecated v3 API schema to new v6 API schema
  • New endpoints and fields specific to the v6 API

New Features

  • List all sessions and get the status of a session - useful to determine if a device has an active session to inform a decision on using the existing session, closing that sessions if work is complete, or creating a new session
  • Get all files metadata
  • Disable Live Response - this disables Live Response permanently and will require the sensor to be reinstalled to re-enable Live Response - useful for a script to lock down / restrict access
  • Get all commands executed during a session - useful to keep a detailed record of actions taken on a device

Guides and Resources

Authorization Changes

The new v6 Live Response APIs use role based access control (RBAC) to enable enforcement of least privilege, enabling API keys to be only granted the permissions necessary.

Grant the API key some of the following permissions based on the API operations to be performed.

  • org.liveresponse
  • org.liveresponse.files
  • org.liveresponse.memdump
  • org.liveresponse.process
  • org.liveresponse.registry
  • org.liveresponse.session

API Endpoints

v3 API Endpoint Equivalencies and new v6 API Endpoints

Operation Legacy v3 Integration Services CBLR New v6 Live Response
Start Session POST {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session/{device_id} POST {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions
Get Session By ID GET {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session/{session_id} GET {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}
Get All Sessions New in v6 GET {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions
Close Session POST {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session DELETE {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}
Disable Live Response New in v6 POST {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/kill
Get All Files Metadata New in v6 GET {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/files
Get File Metadata POST {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session/{id}/file/{file_id} GET {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/files/{file_id}
Get File Content POST {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session/{id}/file/{file_id}/content GET {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/files/{file_id}/content
Upload File to Carbon Black Cloud POST {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session/{id}/file POST {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/files
Delete File Previously in the Command object DELETE {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/files/{file_id}
Get Commands List New in v6 GET {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/commands
Issue Command POST {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session/{id}/command POST {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/commands
Retrieve Command Status POST {cbc-hostname}/integrationServices/v3/cblr/session/{id}/command/{cmdid} GET {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/commands/{command_id}
Cancel Command Previously in the Command object DELETE {cbc-hostname}/appservices/v6/orgs/{org_key}/liveresponse/sessions/{session_id}/commands/{command_id}

Schema Changes

The following table contains the new fields available when migrating to the v6 Live Response API. The fields or sub-fields not captured here remain the same for their respective API endpoints.

Affected Endpoints Legacy v3 API New v6 API
All API Endpoints sensor_id device_id
Process Command username process_username
Process Command path process_path
Process Command pid process_pid
Process Command command_line process_cmdline
Process Command parent parent_pid
Registry Command valueType value_type
Registry Command valueData value_data
Registry Command valueName value_name

For the full v6 Schema Definition, see the v6 Live Response Schema Documentation

Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK Migration

Version 1.3.0 of the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK supports the new v6 Live Response API.

Live Response documentation in the SDK can be found in the SDK Read The Docs.

The Migration Guide to update to SDK 1.3.0 or later from earlier versions is on Read The Docs.

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Last modified on August 25, 2023