IntegrationServices Audit Log v3 API Migration


This is to assist in migrating integrations from integrationServices/v3/auditlogs API to Audit Logs API.

In this document, you will find

  • Brief overview of the key differences and new features with the Audit Log API
  • A mapping of deprecated v3 Audit Log API endpoint to related new Audit Log endpoint including schema changes

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Key Differences

The new Audit Log API provides the following new endpoints:

The expanded functionality enables you to filter to exactly what you want to monitor or export data to perform quarter/annual audits of your organization.

The Audit Log schema maintains the same information through the description with a few modified field names and update timestamp to meet our standard ISO 8601 UTC format. See Schema Changes below.

API Endpoints

Operation Legacy v3 Audit Log Endpoint New Audit Log API Endpoint
Get Audit Logs GET /integrationServices/v3/auditlogs GET /audit_log/v1/orgs/{org_key}/logs/_queue


Request Headers
Response Body
    "num_found": 2,
    "num_available": 2,
    "results": [
            "org_key": "ABCD1234",
            "actor_ip": "",
            "actor": "",
            "request_url": null,
            "description": "Logged in successfully",
            "create_time": "2023-11-02T18:13:44.276Z"
            "org_key": "ABCD1234",
            "actor_ip": "",
            "actor": "",
            "request_url": null,
            "description": "Logged in successfully",
            "create_time": "2023-11-02T16:29:59.793Z"
To download or review the Carbon Black Cloud Postman collection, click here.

Schema Changes

The following tables contains the fields to be substituted when migrating to the Audit Log API.

Fields that are marked DEPRECATED do not have an equivalent in the Alert v7 API or Alert Forwarder Schema v2.

Legacy Field New Field
clientIp actor_ip
description description
eventTime create_time
loginName actor
orgName org_key
requestUrl request_url

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Last modified on March 18, 2024