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Carbon Black Cloud Node Red Open Source SOAR

This community-contributed app lets you perform open source SOAR functions for Carbon Black Cloud data with Node Red

Published by Ryan Fortress

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Disclaimer: This app was created and submitted by a member of the developer community. All sample content and code in the Community Showcase is licensed to you by the sample’s author. VMware does not guarantee the samples; they are provided “AS IS”.


There was no solution for Open Source SOAR for Carbon Black Cloud. You would have to either purchase a premium SOAR, or manually create the solutions.


This app ties together APIs to automate response and remediation.

Steps to get started


Watch the demo at VMware Carbon Black Security Connect

Video coming soon.

About the Author

Ryan Fortress is the Senior Tech Alliance Engineer in VMware Carbon Black. He helps enable Tech Partners with the tools required to write integrations that are differentiated in the market.

Last modified on May 6, 2021