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November 2023 Newsletter

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware closed last week. To learn more about what this means for Carbon Black, check out Jason Rolleston’s blog post here.

New: Asset Groups

  • Refined and flexible approach to organizing assets
  • Associate a policy with Group and automatically apply it to all the Group members’
  • Define a group using search criteria to have assets dynamically included in the group when the criteria is met
  • Read about it on Tech Zone
  • Find out how to Upgrade from Sensor Groups
  • Automate with the Asset Groups API

Carbon Black Cloud Syslog Connector 2.0

  • Forward Alerts and Audit Logs from Carbon Black Cloud to other applications in your ecosystem
  • Rebuilt to use Alerts v7 API
  • Customizable syslog formats to benefit from the rich Alert metadata
  • Command line wizard to create a new config file and test configuration
  • Read all about it in the Blog

More new stuff

Guides: Getting Started and Doing More

Coming Early in the New Year

  • SDK 1.5.1 & 1.5.2
    • Asset Groups
    • Script Deobfuscation
    • Alert Extensions
  • Updated Apps
    • New Alerts Schema - API v7 and Forwarder v2
    • Simplified API Key Configuration
    • Carbon Black Cloud App for QRadar v2.3
    • Carbon Black Cloud App for Splunk v2.0
    • Carbon Black Cloud Apps for ServiceNow
  • New Data Forwarder types and destinations
  • Follow the Roadmap
  • Find all the recent announcements here

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Last modified on November 30, 2023