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Announcing the Carbon Black Cloud Asset Groups API Release!

Posted on November 27, 2023


In the rapidly evolving realm of digital asset management, staying ahead of the curve is not just a preference but a necessity. Carbon Black Cloud understands the importance of innovation in asset management, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce Asset Groups, the latest enhancement following our 1.20 release in mid-November.

Asset Groups take the baton from Sensor Groups, offering users a more refined and flexible approach to organizing assets. With expanded criteria options and the introduction of case-insensitivity, creating AND/OR statements becomes more intuitive and powerful. This upgrade empowers users to precisely tailor their group configurations, ensuring assets are categorized with utmost accuracy.

This feature is availablefor for both UI and API users.

The Asset Groups API provides a way to organize and manage your fleet of Endpoints, VM Workloads, and VDIs. Create groups of assets and apply policies to the groups so the protections of all similar assets are synchronized. The ability to add one asset to multiple groups, and rank policies for precedence in application, gives added flexibility and fine-tuning for complex organizations.

Key Features

  • Associate a policy with Group and automatically apply it to all the Group members’ sensors.
  • Define a group using search criteria to have assets dynamically included in the group when the criteria is met.
  • Preview the potential effects of changes such as introducing a new asset group or modifying criteria, on your existing policies.

Use Cases

  • Apply policy settings across multiple assets at once.
  • Assign assets dynamically using group criteria.
  • Assign assets to multiple asset groups for better group configurability, while ranking your policies to ensure the correct policy is delivered to the correct asset.


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