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July 2023 Newsletter

New: Data Forwarder Alert v2.0.0 Schema

Stream Alerts with rich metadata using the Data Forwarder Alert v2.0.0 Schema

The Data Forwarder Alert Schema v2.0.0 now contains the same rich information as the v7 Alert API. The information includes critical process & parent process information like command line and user, and there’s a new alert type for Intrusion Detection.

Migration Guides

Use the latest APIs to get the most out of Carbon Black Cloud

With all the new features that have been released it’s critical to update your integration and automation to the new APIs.

More new stuff

Coming Soon

  • Network Traffic Analysis alerts for XDR
  • More migration guides to transition from older features and get the full benefit of the new features in your ecosystem
  • Updates to the ServiceNow apps for Utah release

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Last modified on July 27, 2023