Getting Started with Carbon Black APIs and Integrations

Posted on February 22, 2021


Our SDKs help you query data from multiple products, combine data from multiple APIs, manage API credentials in one place, and manipulate data as Python objects.

Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK

This SDK works with Platform, Endpoint Standard, Audit Remediation, Enterprise EDR, and Workload APIs. Get started with it here.

AppControl and EDR customers should continue to use CBAPI, listed below.

CBAPI Python SDK for EDR, Hosted EDR and App Control

AppControl and EDR customers can use Carbon Black APIs using the Python SDK, CBAPI. Get started with ReadtheDocs or contribute to the source code on GitHub.

Carbon Black Cloud REST APIs and Integrations

The Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) that provides what you need to secure your endpoints, using a single lightweight agent, the Carbon Black Cloud prevents more threats, gives you actionable insights, and helps you operate faster and more effectively.

Platform APIs are available to customers using any of the Carbon Black Cloud products. Additional product-specific APIs are available depending on which products your organization uses.

Container APIs help organizations reduce risk, obtain compliance, and achieve secure Kubernetes environments at scale. This solution integrates into existing DevOps processes to reduce operational complexity, and helps Security teams enforce compliance, security, and governance from a single dashboard.

Endpoint Advanced customers can use both Endpoint Standard APIs and Audit and Remediation APIs. Endpoint Enterprise customers can use any of the product-specific APIs.

APIs for Carbon Black EDR and Hosted EDR

Carbon Black EDR is a hosted or on-premise endpoint detection and response solution that collects comprehensive information about endpoint events to provide security teams with greater visibility and control over their endpoints.

Carbon Black App Control APIs and Integrations

Carbon Black App Control is an on-premise solution that enables security teams to harden new and legacy systems against unwanted change. App Control is a powerful tool that simplifies compliance processes and provides the best possible protection for corporate systems at enterprise scale.