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Announcing Advanced Workload Security for AWS

Posted on August 4, 2022

We are excited to announce that VMware Carbon Black Workload will extend support for native AWS EC2 instances to multi-cloud environments. By using a single unified console that integrates into existing infrastructure, security and IT teams can reduce the attack surface and strengthen security postures, while achieving consistent and unified visibility for workloads running on AWS, VMware Cloud and on-premises environments. This offering helps bring operational confidence and reduce time to resolution to future-proof AWS workloads.

With a single unified dashboard, cloud and security teams have visibility into workloads no matter where those workloads reside. Whether your workloads are running in virtualized, AWS, private, or hybrid cloud environments, your console will update in seconds, so you benefit from real-time insights. With consolidated security in a single platform, you operationalize the patching process, unify security and IT teams, and close security gaps faster.

The Public Cloud Account Management API offers the ability to:

  • Easy onboard/manage single and multiple AWS accounts in Carbon Black Cloud.
  • Auto-generated CI-CD agent installation packages.

The Compute Resource v2 offers enhanced visibility into AWS workload inventory. Infosec and AWS admins will now have the ability to view inventory of the Amazon EC2 instances using the VMware Carbon Black Cloud console. The console only pulls in rich metadata with the most relevant information. Through this metadata, admins will be able to:

  • Learn about AWS EC2 instances protection status and assigned policies.
  • View summarized and actionable metrics of the inventory to understand the security posture and the key information about their AWS footprint.
  • Access a richer dataset for their EC2 instances such as AWS tags, vulnerabilities, and trigger various management actions.
  • Automatically de-register EC2 instances after termination to enhance the management of ephemeral EC2 instances out of the box.

The Device API is enhenced to return public cloud resources once the sensor is installed.


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