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Announcing the v1.1 release of Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK

Posted on January 26, 2021

What’s New?

We’re excited to announce the 1.1 release of the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK.

This release brings new features to the Carbon Black Cloud SDK along with various bug fixes.

The new features in this release include:

  • Reputation Overrides for Endpoint Standard with Enterprise EDR support coming soon
  • Device Control for Endpoint Standard
  • Live Query Templates/Scheduled Runs and Template History
  • Add set_time_range for Alert query

Bug Fixes:

  • Refactored code base to reduce query inheritance complexity
  • Limit Live Query results to 10k cap to prevent 400 Bad Request
  • Add missing criteria for Live Query RunHistory to search on template ids
  • Add missing args.orgkey to get_cb_cloud_object to prevent exception from being thrown
  • Refactor add and update criteria to use CriteriaBuilderSupportMixin

We recommend Carbon Black Cloud customers use this SDK when developing integrations moving forward. Existing integrations will soon move to the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK so you can use them with the features listed above.

What’s coming next?

  • Addition of Workload features such as Vulnerabilities
  • Updates to Live Response to support role based access control

Where to find the Carbon Black Cloud SDK:

Have questions or feedback?

Open an issue in the GitHub Repository or check out other ways to contact us.

You can also bring questions to our Virtual Meetup on February 3rd at 10am Mountain Time (5pm GMT).