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Posted on March 23, 2020

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Developer Community Forum

The first place you should seek advice about our APIs is the Developer Community Forum. Create a free login to search existing discussions, or start a new discussion to get advice from members of the Developer Relations team and other developers like you.

When reporting an issue, it’s helpful to include the following:

  • API or Integration name and version
  • Product name and version
  • Describe the problem with as much detail as possible, including actions to reproduce, severity, error messages received, workarounds discovered, and event log output


If you are an existing customer, reach out to Support from your product console or your sales contact. Support tickets can also be submitted through our User Exchange community.


If you want to report an issue regarding one of our integrations or connectors on Carbon Black’s GitHub, submit an issue on the GitHub repository.

Other Helpful Resources

Developer Community on the Carbon Black User Exchange

The Developer Community is the best place to go for accessing resources like troubleshooting guides, migration guides, examples, and the Developer Community Forum. You will need to create a free login to get started.

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Integration Network

Use the Integration Network to learn about the other products we integrate with.