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Announcing the 1.0 release of Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK

Posted on December 11, 2020

What’s New?

We’re excited to announce the 1.0 release of the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK.

This release completes the alpha feedback period, further quality assurance work, and inclusion of new search APIs.

The new features in this release include:

  • Process and Process Event searches for Enterprise EDR and Endpoint Standard data
  • Enriched Event searches for Endpoint Standard
  • Addition of Python Futures to support asynchronous queries for customers who want to leverage that feature, while continuing to also provide the simplified experience which hides the multiple API calls required.
  • Improved information and extra API calls for Audit and Remediation (Live Query)
  • Great test coverage – create extensions and submit PRs with confidence

We recommend Carbon Black Cloud customers use this SDK when developing integrations moving forward. Existing integrations will soon move to the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK so you can use them with the features listed above.

What’s coming next?

  • Addition of Workload features such as Vulnerabilities
  • Addition of Device Control

Where to find the Carbon Black Cloud SDK:

Have questions or feedback?

Open an issue in the GitHub Repository or check out other ways to contact us.

You can also bring questions to our Virtual Meetup on January 20th at 10am Mountain Time (5pm GMT).