Getting Started with CB Collective Defense Cloud

With the introduction of CB Inspection in the Collective Defense Cloud, both CB Protection and CB Response administrators are able to view the results and associated telemetry data from Inspections in the Collective Defense Cloud analysis website.

However, many of our consumers of CB Inspection would like to access this data, and integrate with other systems within their environments.

These use cases can be accomplished simply & easily by using the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided by the Collective Defense Cloud for CB Inspection. Carbon Black is committed to open standards and open source; to demonstrate that commitment, we publish full documentation here on the Developer Network website.

The APIs

There is one set of APIs provided by Collective Defense Cloud:

  • CB Inspection API

    Query the status and results for the binaries analysed with CB Inspection.

    The CB Inspection API is available to customers that have purchased CB Inspection on either CB Response or CB Protection. The reference documentation describes the Inspection APIs available in Collective Defense Cloud.

Last modified on February 1, 2016