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February 2024 Newsletter

Happy International Women’s Day!

New on the Developer Network

Splunk SOAR App 2.0 for Carbon Black Cloud

  • Updated to use the Alerts v7 API
  • Enrich Alerts with Observation data
  • Get scheduled tasks
  • Get the details here

Authentication Event Data Forwarder

  • Send all Windows Authentication Events
  • AWS S3 and Azure Blob Storage Container destinations are supported
  • Use semantic versioning to opt in or out of automated updates
  • Read the announcement here

More New Stuff

  • Event Reporting and Sensor Operations Exclusions
    • Increase the ability of Endpoint Standard and Enterprise EDR customers to tune product behavior to resolve operational issues and meet business needs
    • Read the announcement here

Update to use the Latest APIs and Forwarder Schema

Legacy API Access Levels and Deprecated APIs are being deactivated this year

  • Update now to get the most out of Carbon Black Cloud data
  • Everything you need about the changes - affected APIs, Access Level types, dates, and benefits of the replacement versions - are in the Migration Guides
  • July 31, 2024 is the deactivation date for Alerts API v6 and Alert Data Forwarder schema v1, as well as integrationServices/v3 Device, Policy and Live Response routes
  • October 31, 2024 is the deactivation date for the Notifications v3 API

Coming Soon

  • Updated Carbon Black Cloud Apps
    • QRadar v2.3
    • ServiceNow - v3.0 for ITSM and SecOps module, v2.0 for Vulnerability Response module
    • Splunk SIEM - Splunk Cloud Support for v2.0 and new features in v2.1
  • Follow the Roadmap
  • Find all the recent announcements here
Last modified on March 8, 2024