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October 2023 Newsletter

New: Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK 1.5.0 with Alerts v7

Version 1.5.0 of the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK is available with support for Alerts v7.

  • All the benefits of the API including rich metadata fields available for searching and analysis wrapped in the convenience of python
  • Get started with the Alerts SDK Guide
  • Update from SDK 1.4.3 or earlier with the migration guide
  • Find example scripts in the GitHub Repo
  • Get started with the SDK here

More new stuff

Get Involved: VMware Explore Barcelona

  • 6th - 9th November 2023
  • Join thousands of peers, hundreds of experts, and VMware leaders in Barcelona. Let’s remake the cloud together.
  • Register Here

Coming Soon

  • Asset Groups - upgraded functionality to group assets for policy application, including expanded criteria options and the ability to add assets to multiple groups.
  • Core Prevention Exclusions - more flexibility to tune policy rules
  • v1.1.0 of Endpoint Event type of Data Forwarder - with support for all XDR netconn telemetry
  • Support in the Data Forwarder to send Alerts to Azure BLOB Storage. Support for Endpoint Events will come later.
  • Additions to the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK
    • CIS Benchmarks
    • PowerShell Script Deobfuscation
    • Extensions to Alerts
  • Follow the Roadmap

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Last modified on October 26, 2023