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Announcing the Ability to Configure Binary Uploads per Policy

Posted on April 24, 2024


Carbon Black is pleased to introduce the ability for Enterprise EDR and XDR customers to control the upload of new binaries to Carbon Black Cloud on a per-policy basis.

Starting late April, this feature will be enabled over the coming weeks on a rolling basis. Customers will see an in-product notification when it becomes available.

Enterprise EDR and XDR customers will have access to the new Upload new binaries and their metadata to Carbon Black for later analysis and download setting on the Sensor tab of the Policies page. This setting applies to Windows sensor versions 3.4+.

When this setting is enabled, executed binaries and their metadata will be uploaded to Carbon Black Cloud. The binaries’ metadata can be viewed on the Binary Details page, where the binary can also be downloaded for further analysis or added to the banned list.

Use Cases

  • Choose for each policy whether to upload new binaries to Carbon Black Cloud


  • Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR
  • Windows sensor versions 3.4+
  • API key with appropriate permissions. See Authentication for details.

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