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Release Carbon Black Cloud QRadar App 2.1.1 due to incorrect validation failure

Posted on March 8, 2023

What was changed and why?

We are releasing minor version of the Carbon Black Cloud QRadar App due to a change in the way API type key is validated in the app and the upgrade of a few packages which previous versions have reported vulnerabilities. This change is necessary because there is a deprecation notice of the API that checks the validity of the API type key. Carbon Black Cloud QRadar App v2.1.1 performs an equivalent validation using a different API.

Do I need to upgrade immediately?

No, it is not necessary to upgrade to this version - the API will still be available, also the polling of the alerts and audit logs is unchanged and undisturbed. However, once the API is decommissioned, the validation of the keys will not succeed and an error will be shown when you try to save a new configuration through the UI. As the check of the validity of the API type key is the last check for the valid configuration you could still rely on the checks and validations for the product URL, org key and Custom type key. Moreover, despite the error shown in the UI, the configuration will be saved successfully so any changes to the configurations will be saved and used by the app.


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