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Host-Based Firewall Release

Posted on January 25, 2023

The latest policy release has added an important functional component to the Carbon Black Cloud. Host-Based Firewall increases analyst visibility over their organization’s network traffic and adds the ability to control what network traffic they want to allow.

For the API documentation see the following section of the Policy API Host-Based Firewall.

Host-Based Firewall

Security analysts require visibility into and control over endpoint network traffic to ensure they can detect and respond to attacks before they spread to other devices in the network. With remote work increasing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, security teams have an increased need for visibility and control over employee’s network activity when they’re working outside of the corporate network.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Host-based Firewall enables security teams to further consolidate their security stack by integrating firewall management capabilities directly into their endpoint and workload protection platform. By including Host-based Firewall capabilities in the Carbon Black Cloud platform, SOCs can leverage a single platform for more use cases, increasing their overall efficiency and reducing the resources needed to run their SOC.

Host-based Firewall is available as an add-on SKU for customers who have Endpoint Standard, Endpoint Advanced, Endpoint Enterprise, Workload Advanced or Workload Enterprise.