Announcing the AWS GovCloud (US) Point of Presence for Carbon Black Cloud

Posted on September 19, 2022

Carbon Black Cloud has achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) High Authorization and is available for customers in the AWS GovCloud (US) environment. These cloud services are designed to empower US government agencies and customers supporting the US government to migrate, manage, and operate sensitive workloads in the cloud.

What is different in the AWS GovCloud (US)?

The AWS GovCloud (US) is built on VMware’s Cloud Services Platform (CSP). Users and API keys are managed in VMware Cloud Services Platform instead of in Carbon Black Cloud.

Details are on the Authentication page.


Existing integrations that only know how to use Carbon Black Cloud-managed API Keys are compatible with AWS GovCloud (US).


  • The Audit Log API is not available in the GovCloud environment; instead, use the export from the web interface.
  • The SIEM Notification API is not available in the GovCloud environment. Instead, we recommend the Data Forwarder or Alerts API.
  • Integrations that use Policy or Live Response must use Policy Service API and Live Response v6 respectively.
  • The integrations for Splunk, QRadar and ServiceNow have not been reviewed for FedRAMP Compliance for use in the AWS GovCloud (US) environment. Please reach out to Carbon Black Cloud Support for further information.
  • Specific notes are also on affected APIs and integrations.


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