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How to migrate from Policy v3 API to Policy Service v1

Posted on July 22, 2022

We recently announced the new Policy Service v1 API. We now have all the information you need to migrate your integrations and automation to take advantage of the new API and be ready to extend when new features are added.

Read the Policy API Migration Guide for the details.

Changes to the API

Details of the new API are here.

In addition to the structure of the API requests and responses, the type of API key for authentication has changed.

The new policyService API uses Role Based Authentication (RBAC) so the API key can be granted only the permissions it needs.

Changes to the CBC SDK

Version 1.4.0 of the Carbon Black Cloud SDK has been updated to use the new APIs.

  • When upgrading to this version of the SDK you must update the credentials used to be an API Key of type custom with the appropriate permissions. This replaces the API Key of type API.

  • There are new functions available that increase ease of use and will be extended with new features. If you are building a new integration, use these.

  • Backwards compatibility for the original Endpoint Standard Policy classes has been built in. Under the hood, the new APIs are called. The only change needed is to update the credentials.

  • If you use the Audit Logs API, retain the API type key for this API in addition to the new API key for policyservice/v1.

  • If you use Live Response v3, now is a good time to consider updating to v6. Changes in API requests and responses were minimal; the primary change was to use RBAC. All the details are in the migration guide.

  • Documentation on the new Policies module in the SDK is in the SDK Read The Docs.

Deactivation timeline

The integrationServices/v3/policy API will be deactivated on July 31, 2024. (Updated September 2023.)


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