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Announcing the United Kingdom Point of Presence (UK POP)

Posted on June 21, 2022

We’re pleased to announce the United Kingdom Point of Presence (UK POP) for Carbon Black Cloud is available. The PoP will deliver cloud native endpoint and workload protection for customers that need to meet the UK government’s Cyber Essentials Plus requirements, while providing peace of mind for all UK customers who require their telemetry data to remain resident within the UK.

Read more on the VMware Security Blog.

What is different in the UK PoP?

The UK PoP is the first PoP built on VMware’s Cloud Services Platform (CSP). Users and API keys are managed in VMware Cloud Services Platform instead of in Carbon Black Cloud.

Existing integrations that only know how to use Carbon Black Cloud-managed API Keys are compatible with UK POP. Details are on the Authentication page.


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