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Enterprise EDR Access Level Changes

Posted on July 22, 2020


There are changes to a few permissions that have been made to remove the ThreatHunter reference. This change comes following the renaming of ThreatHunter to Enterprise EDR. The permissions name changes are only visual and will have no effect on existing API keys which utilize the old permission names. If you need to create a new Access Level or API Key make sure to look for the following permissions.

Access Level Changes

The following permissions are changing:

  • –>
  • threathunter.feeds –> org.feeds
  • threathunter.watchlists –> org.watchlists

The APIs that are affected by the permission changes are:

Category Permission API
Search Process Search v1, Process Search v2
Custom Detections org.feeds Feed Manager, Feed Search
Custom Detections org.watchlists Watchlist API