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Kicking off Developer Day 2020

Posted on May 7, 2020

Developer Day 2020 kicks off today with seven on-demand sessions for more than 2,300 registrants. This is the first time Developer Day has been held in a virtual setting and the VMware Carbon Black team is excited to welcome the largest group of developers we have ever had in attendance. With eight new members added to the Developer Relations team in the past year, VMware Carbon Black is focused on empowering this vast community of developers.

The theme of Developer Day has always been “For Developers, by Developers.” We empower developers to automate workflows by integrating their security stack. The sessions this year showcase the latest API tools that the team has developed including, Event Forwarder, Binary Analysis SDK, and Platform Search API. The Developer Network has recently gone through some updates and one of the sessions will walk through these changes and the future roadmap. The day will also include two sessions from our partners Red Canary and Lastline. Their sessions will walk through how to implement the APIs, best practices, and how they are able to enhance their security stack using these tools.
The goal of Developer Day is to expose these tools to the attendees so they can take them and use them in their own environment. By sharing the Open APIs we are committed to enabling our community of developers to operate more securely.

Developer Tools Session

Check out the documentation related to Bruce Deakyne’s Develop Tools talk.

Cloud Event Forwarder
Platform Search API
Syslog Connector

Event Forwarder Session

The Carbon Black Cloud Forwarder lets you send data about alerts and events to an AWS S3 bucket where it can be reconfigured to port into other applications in your security stack, like Splunk. This is the preferred method for obtaining large amounts of data from Carbon Black Cloud in realtime.

Check out the Event Forwarder Configuration API Reference for more details.

Binary Analysis Toolkit Session

For Developer Day, we’ve made an Alpha release of our Binary Analysis Toolkit. It is currently under development.

What is it?

A development Toolkit to analyze binaries from the Unified Binary Store, and then import those analysis results into an Enterprise EDR Feed.

The Toolkit includes a YARA example engine, making it easy to leverage the Unified Binary Store and Enterprise EDR Feeds to integrate binary analysis results into your Carbon Black Cloud environment.

Getting Started

To quickly get up and running, check out the Toolkit’s User Guide in the repository’s Wiki.

Integrating a custom analysis engine

If you want to start extending the Toolkit to include your own analysis engine, see the Developer Guide in the repository’s Wiki.