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Developer Day 2020: Register Now!

Posted on May 5, 2020

Every year, Developer Day hits capacity. With this year going virtual, no one gets wait-listed or turned away! Join us virtually on May 12th to get hands-on experience working with the Carbon Black Cloud open APIs and developer tools. During the event, the Developer Relations team will be available live in the virtual environment to answer your questions.

Register now! Make sure to check the box for Developer Day and join us for the rest of the conference on May 13 + 14 for a deeper dive into our technology, company, and threat research. If you’re unable to join us on May 12th, be sure to register to access all of the content on-demand for up to six months after the event.

This year, we have sessions covering our latest releases, including the Binary Analysis SDK and Event Forwarder. We’ll also be joined by speakers from our partners Red Canary and Lastline to hear about how they use Carbon Black’s open APIs and integrations to enable a range of security and IT use cases. Check out the agenda highlights below, and be sure to register today!

Developer Day Agenda Highlights:

  • Welcome and Introduction to Developer Day

    • Speaker: Kylie Ebringer – Manager, Engineering at VMware Carbon Black

    • Join us to kick off Developer Day 2020. We will talk about highlights from the year, recent releases, tighter integration with VMware, and our continued focus on open APIs.

  • Baselining, Hunting, and Investigations with the Carbon Black API

    • Speaker: Scott Fraser – Senior Incident Handler at Red Canary

    • Speaker: Paul Michaud – Incident Handler at Red Canary

    • This session will focus on building an open source toolkit to enable security operations using Carbon Black’s complete platform API. Learn about Red Canary’s suite of powerful tools that enable a variety of security operations and information technology use cases. All tools are free and open source, have minimal dependencies, and leverage Carbon Black API features spanning both their on-premise and cloud products.

  • What’s New with Developer Tools

    • Speaker: Bruce Deakyne – Product Manager at VMware Carbon Black

    • Whether you are just getting started with Carbon Black Cloud APIs or you’re a veteran user, you won’t want to miss this session. We will cover highlights from the past year, what’s new, what’s changing, and demo some of the latest and greatest capabilities.

  • How to Get Started with Event Forwarder

    • Speaker: Alex Van Brunt – Technical Staff at VMware Carbon Black

    • Data ingestion has a new look. In addition to accessing your data with APIs, you now have even more options. In this session we will talk about the new Carbon Black Cloud Event Forwarder, explore common use cases, and show you how to get started.

  • Binary Analysis SDK: Connect Carbon Black Cloud with a Rules Engine

    • Speaker: Luke Lyon – Technical Staff at VMware Carbon Black

    • One of the newest additions to the developer toolbox at Carbon Black Cloud is the Binary Analysis SDK. Engineer Luke Lyon will talk about the best way to leverage the SDK to analyze hashes within your environment, and leverage that knowledge within Carbon Black Cloud.

Join us for the full conference on May 13 & 14th and check out these breakout sessions to learn more about using our open APIs to automate and streamline common security tasks:

  • Go with the Flow: Automating VMware Carbon Black Cloud APIs with Open Source Orchestration

    • Speaker: Ryan Fortress – Senior Technical Alliance Engineer at VMware Carbon Black

    • Learning an API can extend your ability to complete simple tasks at scale, but they can take time to master and operationalize. You need a project, time dedicated to writing code, and the correct tools for the job. Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms make the development process faster—but not everybody has the resources or time to successfully implement a SOAR in their environment. In this session, Ryan Fortress, Senior Technical Alliances Engineer at VMware Carbon Black, will showcase integrations between Carbon Black Cloud and Node-RED, an open source IoT orchestration application by IBM. Join us to learn how these integrations can simplify your ability to:

      • Respond to known MITRE ATT&CK TTPs with VMware Carbon Black Live Response
      • Migrate threat intelligence from Carbon Black EDR on-prem to Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR
      • Extend your detection capabilities in Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR to include unknown hashes by leveraging the Zscaler sandbox.
  • Detecting Lateral Movement with CBAPI and Python

    • Speaker: Dan Banker – Threat Response Team Lead at Motorola Solutions

    • Top commands used by attackers living off the land such as “whoami,” “net user,” and “ipconfig” can be leveraged to detect lateral movement in your environment. However, alerting on any of these commands is too noisy. In this session, join Dan Banker, Threat Response Team Lead from Motorola Solutions, who will share Python scripts using CBAPI to find lateral movement and extend EDR capabilities.

  • Simplify and Automate Security Assessments with Audit and Remediation APIs

    • Speaker: Lukasz Sulkowski – Senior Partner Solutions Manager for APJ at VMware Carbon Black

    • Implementing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessment is always a challenge. Collecting all the data is usually a multi-team effort, and can often require multiple solutions. In this session, learn how VMware Carbon Black helps streamline the process with Audit and Remediation and open APIs. We’ll demonstrate an automation script that includes one hundred pre-written queries covering ransomware presence, forensics, vulnerabilities, docker containers, compliance, threat hunting, and IT hygiene. You will leave this session with a Security Assessment report template and detailed explanations to help communicate with executives.

Register now!