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Highlights from Developer Day

Posted on October 22, 2018

Cb Connect Day 0: Carbon Black hosted over a hundred developers at the first ever Developer Day. This community of developers is the engine that extends our platform to integrate with other products/tools/services to build a stronger security stack for organizations.

Our attendees flew in from all over the world - Australia, Norway, Turkey, and many other locations with the objective of learning more about our APIs, use cases around extensibility of our platform, watching live technical demonstrations, and to see where we’re going with the Carbon Black Cloud.

Scott Lundgren started the day off with discussing our unfiltered data architecture and how to build an extensible security stack for your organization using Cb APIs at the core.

Next up Jason Garman‌ gave a hands on technical demo with our Python APIs which was followed by Jason McFarland‌'s demo on the future of extending Cb using the CbSDK. Going through the hands on technical demos were interesting and attendees were impressed with how easy the Python APIs and CbSDK were to use.

Next up were Justin Falck‌ and Davor Roglic‌ with a walk-through of Enterprise EDR and it’s new APIs that are going to be a priority from day 1 - there were tons of questions regarding the architecture and customers were excited to see the APIs in action.

Up next were a series of presentations from Carbon Black customers and partners. These were technical deep-dives into how they use Cb APIs to empower their workflow. Speakers and topics include:

  • Scott Hanson, Director at Kroll - API Scripts In The Wild: Taking Forensic Triage Beyond One Machine at a Time
  • Lauren Pearl and Andy Ying from Trail of Bits - Deep dive into osquery
  • Thomas Kinsella, Director of Information Security at DocuSign and Param Singh, Senior Incident Response Analyst at DocuSign - Automating and Orchestrating your Security Stack
  • Keith McCammon, Chief Security Officer at Red Canary
  • Sean McFeely, Cyber Security Analyst at Valvoline ContextIS

Attendees were particularly excited to see these real-world use cases that are already in production environments. Each of these sessions were followed by tons of questions, and it was great to see customers engage with the speakers and think of ways to implement similar tools in their environments.

We ended the day with a 2 hour long hackathon where customers can use the APIs to develop tools that would improve their workflow using all the data we have within Carbon Black products.

Overall, the Developer Day was huge success and it was great watching customers participate and engage with each other. For all the customers and partners that attended, we would just like to say thank you for attending our inaugural Developer Day event and hope that you enjoyed meeting the Developer Relations team as well as like-minded customers, and that you were able to learn practical tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your experience with Carbon Black through APIs.

Thanks for attending and we look forward to seeing you again in June at Cb Connect 2020!