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The Cb Community Repository

Posted on August 4, 2016

We encourage everyone to release their code publicly on GitHub but on the other hand understand that contributions come in all shapes and sizes. Some contributions, like Red Canary’s Surveyor or Bobby Argenbright’s Forager tool, warrant their own repository (and in some cases, their own cool icon!) However, other contributions may be a single script or a few lines of API code. To help collect these smaller contributions into one place, we’ve created the new Carbon Black Developer Community GitHub organization, available at

We encourage anyone who has code to share, no matter the size, scope or language. This GitHub organization belongs to the Cb Community, so while the current “owners” are all Carbon Black employees, over time we envision turning membership over to community members as the community grows in size.

There are currently two repositories available on the Cb Community GitHub:

Are you ready to get started? Open GitHub’s Hello World project to make your first commits to a Git repository. Then you can fork your own copy of one of the cbcommunity repositories above, add your changes, and submit a pull request to integrate and share your changes with the Carbon Black developer community!

Happy (automated) hunting!