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Presentation on the new Carbon Black Python API

Posted on July 18, 2016

What a difference a year makes! Almost a year ago, we released a bunch of new features in cbapi to help developers become more productive with the Carbon Black EDR REST API. Since then, we’ve changed the name of the company, created an entirely new Developer Network website, created a new, even easier-to-use and more powerful Python API, and most importantly, merged the APIs for both EDR and App Control into the same code base! Phew!

So with all that change we have not made enough of an effort to document all of the new goodies now available to you in the cbapi. For those of you who were able to join us at one of the Carbon Black Regional User Exchanges, you may have been able to attend our API talk. If you weren’t able to attend or gasp decided to attend a different talk during our time slot, you can see the presentation above (or see it directly at our Speaker Deck page)

To get started with the new API, just install it from PyPI on any Windows, Linux or Mac system:

pip install cbapi

Then take a look at some of the code snippets from the presentation or example scripts from GitHub to get started. We also have started documenting the API at ReadTheDocs. We will also be posting more example code, documentation and use cases here on the Developer Network blog over the coming weeks.

Happy (automated) hunting!